Tip: Teaching About When And How To Ask For Help

Your grandchild’s life will be frustrating if they do not learn to ask for help. I would teach this skill even if they cannot use language. Have them practice in the grocery store. For example, if they cannot find the milk, teach them to identify the employees, and ask; “where is the milk?” or have them point to their milk picture on their shopping list. Then help your grandchild to understand the answer. If they employee says, “It’s in the back of the store”, or “Next aisle over,” teach the child what this means. Then practice those phrases many more times.

If they have to go to the restroom, have them ask: “Where is the restroom?” Then help them understand the answer. Many people will simply point in a direction. Your grandchild will not pay attention to the pointing, unless you tell them ahead of time to pay attention if the person is pointing in a certain direction.