Tip: Giving Directions When Walking/Driving To The Park Or The Store

Many parents and grandparents assume that the children on the spectrum don’t know how to get to destinations, because they act oblivious to their surroundings. However, that is not the case. Also, you want to train them to pay attention so they can find their own way around before they move out on their own. You teach the difference between left and right, so they can tell you which way to go. You also teach about green light red, light, crossing signs, stop signs, and crosswalks.

Then you practice with the child by saying: “We are going to the park; you tell me which way to go.” Have the child point in the direction, and say the word, or you say, “Straight, left or right”. If the child makes a mistake, you point and say the direction. It’s best to start with places that you normally walk to, because you can take your time, and you can see what the child is pointing to.