1. Bring your own treats to swap out the candy in the eggs if it’s a public egg hunt (with items like money or organic fruit snacks or nuts) or host your own egg hunt so you have control over the treats! Check out this list of 50+ Sensory-Friendly Nonfood Items to Hide in Easter Eggs

2. Use natural egg dying kits for create your own – the artificial food coloring found in traditional kits can cause a lot of problems and most other countries have banned them. Try Whole Foods, Sprouts or on Amazon…

3.If you are dying eggs at home – be prepared for a mess and be okay with the mess 🙂 – plan to set up outside or lay down newspaper or other protective covering.

4. Take lots of photos or a video of your Easter activities so you can go through them next year (and go through any you have from last year of course) so everyone knows what to expect!

5. Easter basket ideas: veggie sidewalk chalk, bouncy balls, fidget toys, pokemon cards, iTunes gift cards, orgnic jelly beans, or how about an outdoor themed Easter basket filled with a jump rope, frisbee, bouncy ball, water squirter!

6. Focus more on what is on the outside of the plastic egg then the inside! These cute egg decorations below help kids practice manual dexterity as well!