The Grandparent Autism Network informs grandparents about autism and the medical, educational, legal and social issues that affect their families, enabling them to share how they may improve the quality of life for their children and grandchildren. Activities include social events for grandparents and grandchildren and advocacy efforts to increase support for autism causes. Networking together, grandparents are a vital resource for autism ...and each other.


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Advocate for critically needed new job training and employment opportunities.  Go here to see how easy that is to do!


The transition from summer back to school can be tough for everyone, especially families of individuals with autism. The daily routine established over the last 2 to 3 months is changing, and the time has come to go from camp back to the classroom.

To help ease the stress and smooth the transition for you and your family, Autism Speaks has provided an array of tips and resources for everyone involved in the process, including students, parents, teachers and peers.  Go here for some good advice.


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Cal State University Fullerton, Chapman University and University of California Irvine collaborate with GAN and the Family Autism Network to sponsor SOCIALS for Adults (16 & up) and Caregivers beginning in fall 2014.  Get more details here


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