Tip: Teaching To Use Indoor Voice (Quiet Tones) Indoors

If you find that your grandchild has a problem modulating their voice, or engages in squealing or other noises in public places. Teach the child the difference between indoor voice and outdoor voice. Make sure to correct them each time, by saying: “Johnny, use your quiet voice inside”. If there is no change in their behavior, face the child, hold them by the wrists and then repeat. If the child becomes louder or gets upset, hug them and tell them they are OK and then repeat about using quiet voice. Don’t worry about the looks or comments you get from people around you. If you keep the child at home or in the car all the time, they will not learn how to behave in the community. It is their anxiety which makes them act like that. If you give in to their fears, they will never learn and never get over their fears. The sooner you start, the sooner they will be comfortable and you will have a happier and more engaged grandchild.