Tip: Supporting Your Family

Sometimes grandparents are concerned about engaging with their grandchildren who have autism. They may feel uncomfortable about being solely responsible for their care, especially when they are out in public. They can, however, be especially good resources for their typical grandchildren who are sometimes overlooked because of the extra resources needed for the child affected by autism.
If you live nearby, consider inviting your typical grandchildren for sleepovers or take them to restaurants, parks, museums, movies, plays or other community activities. If possible, offer to transport them to after school classes, clubs, sports or religious programs. They need your special attention and reinforcement – and their parents will appreciate the respite time that will provide for them.
If you live at a distance, keep in touch with regular Facetime visits, phone calls, text messages or notes. Send small treats, gift cards or sponsor amusement park tickets. Invite them to visit or to take a trip with you. Be sure to reinforce them so that they feel special and loved.