Tip: Summer Travel Tips

  • Take a picture on your phone before you leave home so if lost, it will be easier to identify your grandchild and the clothing worn that day.
  • Pin identification information and your cell phone number to the back of your grandchild’s shirt.
  • Check the airport layout and find out how far you will have to go… and plan ahead how to accommodate to get there on time.
  • Pack extra medication – pack double of anything important and keep one set in the checked bag and one set in your carry-on bag.  
  • Check to see what perks you have as a rewards member or cardholder to see if you can get lounge access or any other perks that will help you. 
  • Download your grandchild’s favorite calming music or games to play while you’re waiting for your flight at the airport… and on the plane.

  • Let people know you are out with children with autism so they may be a little more helpful (you can do this subtly by wearing our Grandparent Autism Network caps.
  • More travel tips are available on our website.