Tip: Sorting Laundry, Washing It, Drying It And Putting It Away

You want to start the training early, by having them put the clothes in the clothes’ hamper when they are undressing or changing clothes. It is easier to do all that yourself, but remember, you are trying to instill life-long habits. Make a schedule for using the washer and dryer. When it is time to do laundry do the sorting out loud, “The whites go with the whites, the dark colors go here.” Have the child help with the sorting, even if they are too young to reach the washer and dryer controls. When the child is able to reach the controls, start teaching the sequence of putting the clothes in, putting the soap in, closing the door, and set for the wash. Have them move the clean clothes to the dryer, and set the dryer controls. Then have the child take things out of the dryer, fold them or hang them.