Tip: Shopping: Staying By Your Side And Following The Shopping List

Many adults have problems with the kids staying with the cart (shopping basket). Kids on the autism spectrum do not have a developed concept of “with”. By that I mean, that they do not pay attention to what other people are doing and do not adjust themselves to do things with other people. You will see them at the store either way in front of the
cart or way behind, either zoned out, or super-focused on some display. They have to be trained from early age to stay with the cart. This is a long, frustrating process. The earlier you teach it, the sooner the child will learn it. If you leave them at home or stick them in the cart because it’s easier, the child will not magically learn it, and you will end up with a much larger child who is harder to catch and hold on to. You and the parents can decide if
you want the child to hold the cart or hold your hand, and be consistent as you are training them. Later in life, you will want to train them to walk with you without hanging on to you or the basket.