Tip: Child Care Tips

Prevent Separation Anxiety

If you will be separated from your grandchildren for any length of time, to reduce separation anxiety, put your picture on the calendar dates when you will be reunited. The child can then anticipate when you will be together again.

Teaching Life Skills is Fun For You Too

Teach life skills and have fun working together. Many children enjoy doing simple kitchen tasks and helping to prepare meals. Empty the dishwasher, peel boiled eggs, clean raw vegetables, bake muffins or squeeze oranges for healthy snacks.

Prepare special places for special kids

When grandchildren visit, designate a special area for them in which they can play with their favorite toys or work with their crafts. Mark the area with a sign, picture or symbol they will recognize and return to on future visits. Use the same signage technique to indicate where they should hang up their clothing, sit at the table for meals, etc.