If you are traveling to spend Spring vacation with your family, you may want to prepare your grandchild, in advance, for your visit. It is helpful to provide a visual schedule of activities before you arrive so your grandchild can anticipate the sequence of events you will share. Use drawings, cut out pictures or download them from the internet to help them understand what to expect. Put together a visual calendar of places you plan to go and activities you will share and send it to them before you arrive. Be sure to include your picture, too.

This visual planner is a great tool for plotting out Spring vacation activities – events can be viewed daily, weekly or monthly and you can add custom images (from your phone/iPad), record sounds, and add videos for modeling.   


Raising children with Autism Spectrum Disorders is extremely challenging for parents. Your children will always appreciate your support and reinforcement. Be sure to comment about how much your grandchild has improved since your last visit and compliment their parenting skills throughout the visit.