Tip: Great Apps for Summer

A great app from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders. Camp Discovery is broken into assessment, learning trials and mini-games that serve as a reward. The app also tracks your child’s progress and allows the parent to personalize the experience. Find out more here. 
Endless Reader  
Endless reader combines visual and audio learning with fun animations that allow your grandchild to read and put together the “sight words” that are so important for early reading. After the animation, your child can move the letters into the word to spell it, and as the letter is moved, the app reinforces the phonetic sound of the letter. Find out more here.
Five Little Monkeys With Nothing To Do  

Join the Five Little Monkeys in this interactive book app as they prepare the house for Grandma Beesie’s visit! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. Find out more here.

Model Me Going Places   

This app helps children learn appropriate behavior for various community locations. Find out more here.

The Social Express II 
Helps kids understand how others are feeling, making eye contact and developing social skills. Find out more here.  
Dollars & Cents iPad App 
Helps teens and young adults learn basic money skills. Find out more here.  

Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer
Helps kids experience what it’s like to fly including packing, going through security and boarding the plane. Find out more here.