Tip: Gift Giving Tips and Gift Suggestions

Gift Giving Tips

  • Shop by catalog or online with children so they can help to select and anticipate what gifts they will receive.
  • Consider giving gifts one at a time, before and after the holiday, when there is less noise, fewer distractions and more time for the child to focus on the toys and other presents.
  • Children with autism do not typically like surprises: take gift requests.  Wrap gifts in clear cellophane or place a picture of the gift from the catalog on the attached gift card.  Avoid noisy or glitzy wrapping paper.

    “Priceless” Gifts for the Holidays – and for all Occasions

  • Volunteer your help or bring in treats to your grandchildren’s classrooms
  • Help with housekeeping chores, i.e. laundry, cleaning, pet sitting
  • Provide respite childcare so that parents can spend time together
  • Take a grandchild to a regularly scheduled appointment or class
  • Entertain siblings to enable more time for child with parents
  • Freeze individual homemade meals for use when needed
  • Offer your home for a family holiday or birthday party
  • Invite grandchildren for sleepovers at your home
  • Take your grandchild to the library weekly
  • Offer to do carpools for a week or more
  • Arrange for a play date in your home
  • Take your grandchild on a picnic

Gift Suggestions for Any Budget

  • Host birthday parties at local sites or offer to rent inflatable equipment at home
  • Give an annual family membership to a favorite museum, acquarium, etc.
  • Certificates for manicures, pedicures, massages or other spa services
  • Coupons for restaurants, fast foods or meals delivered at home
  • Gift cards for hobby/craft stores or for classes or supplies
  • Sponsor a family day at the zoo or an amusement park
  • Gift cards for department, electronic or book stores.
  • Support school lunch costs for a month or more
  • Sponsor a needed service, activity or program
  • Music lessons or other enrichment classes
  • Movie tickets and money for refreshments
  • Tickets for plays, concerts, sports events
  • Fund a housekeeper for a day or more
  • Purchase health club memberships
  • Host a sleepover at your home

Here are Gift Certificates that you can print and use for holidays, milestone events or for any day.



Gift Ideas for Teens and Adults

  • Try a free trial membership together at a local gym
  • Locate a new activity to join, e.g. bowling league, laser tag, YMCA or city sponsored group
  • Watch CD’s or movies about a destination you want to visit and plan a trip to go there
  • Give an annual membership to a favorite museum or other local attraction
  • Gift certificates for personal care services, e.g. haircuts, manicures, massages, spa services
  • Tickets for amusement parks, movies, concerts, sporting events
  • Shop together for clothing, books, hobby or special interest items or research online for requested gifts
  • Download apps for productivity and entertainment
  • Commit time to sharing a favorite activity, once or on a regular basis throughout the year.