Tip: Easter Tips


Go Beyond the Chocolate
For Easter baskets think about replacing candy with other items or having a mix of candy and non-candy items like stickers, balloons, squish balls, blueberries, organic fruit snacks, or money!

Practice Ahead of Time
If you are going to participate in any traditional activities like an Easter egg hunt, practice ahead of time with just a few eggs.

Bunny Talk
If costumed bunnies will be involved in any of your activities, talk about it ahead of time.

A Safe Place
Whether you’re celebrating at home or away, designate a safe space ahead of time where your child can go if they are feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to include familiar toys, games, and lovies as well as music or movie players with headphones to help calm your kiddo.

Go Natural
Skip the chemical-laden food coloring and use all natural options instead if you plan on coloring eggs. Check out this article on how to dye eggs with everyday ingredients: https://www.mommypotamus.com/how-to-dye-easter-eggs-naturally-with-everyday-ingredients/