Tip: Celebrating Autism Awareness 2020

Tips to help you commemorate, celebrate, and support National Awareness Month in April and World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd.

1. Check for autism-related conferences in your area like the Autism Partnership Foundation’s 5th Annual Conference 2020 in Los Alamitos, CA.

2. Help educate people about Autism by sharing materials like these resources from Autism Society.

3. Recommend autism-friendly businesses to others.

4. Wear blue as part of Autism Speaks’ Light It Up Blue Campaign.

5. Raise awareness in the community by hosting an autism social in your area. View Family Autism Network’s social toolkit here.

6. Read the latest autism bestsellers on Amazon.

7. Bake an autism cake (like these on Pinterest) or find local businesses raising funds for autism awareness like the Pieces of Hope campaign at some Panera Bread locations.

8. Follow organizations celebrating Autism Awareness and share their posts.

9. Give special thanks to teachers and therapists that have made a difference.

10. Spend time with a friend or family member with autism; consider giving friends and family a respite break.