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MAINTAIN SCHEDULES The biggest challenge during the summer is the change from specific routines around school to the less structured days of summer. Try to maintain your grandchild’s usual eating and sleeping schedule as much as possible.      SETTING UP A SUMMER SCHEDULE Track upcoming summer activities in a … Read More »


1. Be there – sometimes parents just need someone to listen 2. Be Inclusive – include parents with their autistic children in activities you plan 3. Try not to be judgemental – it’s hard to put ourselves in their shoes with all that they need to deal with 4. Help … Read More »

Great Apps for Summer

A great app from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders. Camp Discovery is broken into assessment, learning trials and mini-games that serve as a reward. The app also tracks your child’s progress and allows the parent to personalize the experience. Find out more here.    Endless Reader   Endless … Read More »

Summer Travel Tips

Take a picture on your phone before you leave home so if lost, it will be easier to identify your grandchild and the clothing worn that day. Pin identification information and your cell phone number to the back of your grandchild’s shirt. Check the airport layout and find out how … Read More »

Summer Activities For Children On The Autism Spectrum

Summer is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your grandkids while helping them continue all the great skills they honed during the school year!  Here is a list of ideas to help you do that while keeping sensory overload to a minimum…   Host a character day – this … Read More »