Tips Categorized as Safety

Preparing Your Home

Add locks for security or to limit access to potentially dangerous areas. Safety locks may be needed on bathroom, kitchen and laundry room cabinets. Cover over electrical outlets and limit access to electrical appliances. Provide gates or barriers to prevent falling down steps or to limit access to certain areas. … Read More »

Plan for Needed Evacuations

Discuss your child’s disabling condition with your pediatrician to determine what you need to have on hand for an evacuation Pre-determine where you will evacuate to and how you will get there. Bear in mind that roads may be blocked so you may need several alternate routes. Additionally, public transportation … Read More »

Emergency Preparedness for People with Special Needs

Special needs children may require additional support in the event of a crisis. So, whether you live in hurricane, tornado or fire or earthquake zones here are some important things to consider. Basically your family needs to have a shelter at home kit prepared and an evacuation kit prepared. Both … Read More »