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Plan A….. Plan B

When planning outings, always have an alternative plan of action in case the first plan is not possible.

Always Call Ahead to Avoid Disappointment

Call ahead to amusement parks and other public places to inquire about special policies for people with disabilities. Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Legoland and other places may offer discounted admission and one or more line passes for a caregiver or aide to accompany the child. A physician’s letter or other … Read More »

Reduce stress during family outings

If grandparents are uneasy about taking responsibility for their grandchildren with autism in public places, they can offer to be responsible for their typical grandchildren. This enables the chilld’s parents to focus all of their attention on the grandchild with special needs.

Invite grandchildren to plan your day together

Post photographs or pictures of local places to visit or shop on the refrigerator or on a piece of paper and ask grandchildren to choose where they would like to go. Prepare a day schedule using the pictures in sequential order so children can anticipate the timelines for activities. If … Read More »