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Introducing new places to your itinerary

If your grandchild only wishes to go to one place repetitively, try taking him there first for a few minutes. He may be more receptive about visiting other places after that.

Pre-plan for unisex restrooms

If your grandchild is not the same sex as you, plan ahead to be near facilities with family style restrooms. This may avoid embarrassment for everyone.

Order ahead and lessen stress

Call ahead to restaurants to place orders for food if you anticipate a long or difficult wait for meals to be served. This is also helpful if your grandchildren’s diets require substitutions or modifications.

Downscale in choosing restaurants

If you are dreading dining with family in upscale restaurants, reconsider and go to restaurants that do not require long waits or structured table behavior. Everyone will enjoy the experience more.

Increase understanding in public situations

When out in public with a grandchild who may behave unconventionally, you may find it helpful to wear a hat, t-shirt, button or other article that indicates you support an autism cause.  You can order a cap with the Grandparent Autism Network’s logo on this website.  This may help to … Read More »

Safe access to and from public parking areas

You can request a Disabled Person Placard from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to use when transporting your grandchild by car, if the child has impaired mobility and is at risk when walking to or from public parking areas. This is the procedure for filing an application: Complete and … Read More »

Before You Leave Home Together …

Take a photo of your grandchild before you leave for an outing. If he gets lost or has a tendency to “elope,” the picture will be a valuable tool for law enforcement officers or others to identify him. Take pictures frequently with your phone and forward them to your grandchild’s … Read More »