Tips Categorized as Life Skills

Practicing Riding Public Transportation

Your grandchild may or may not be able to drive a car. It is best to get them accustomed to riding public transportation at an earlier age, just in case. First you want to get them used to just getting on the bus/subway and sitting still. So you start on … Read More »

Practicing Driving Skills

In some parts of the country, the public transportation system is underdeveloped, and the parents want their kids to learn to drive, so they can be independent. Driving is difficult and scary to people on the autism spectrum because of their tendency to become lost in thought and their lack … Read More »

The Importance Of Communication

When your grandchild cannot communicate, they will become easily frustrated. So if the language acquisition is not working successfully, or if your grandchild has a tendency to destroy the picture cards, you can try the newer electronic communication Apps like Proloquo2go , available for Apple iPads. There is nothing like … Read More »

First – Get Their Attention

No learning will take place if you cannot get and retain their attention. You already know how hard that is. If they are verbal, to get their attention, say their name and make sure they are looking at you or at what it is that you want them to focus … Read More »

When should I start teaching life skills?

Start when the grandchildren can move around independently and never stop. You will always be older than your grandchildren and will always need to teach and re-teach new things.