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Sorting Laundry, Washing It, Drying It And Putting It Away

You want to start the training early, by having them put the clothes in the clothes’ hamper when they are undressing or changing clothes. It is easier to do all that yourself, but remember, you are trying to instill life-long habits. Make a schedule for using the washer and dryer. … Read More »

Making A Shopping List (Written Or Pictures)

To keep the kids entertained at the store and to teach them how to shop, make written lists or picture lists. Have them participate in making of the list, if they can read and write, have them write the shopping list, otherwise have them look for the pictures of the … Read More »

Shopping: Staying By Your Side And Following The Shopping List

Many adults have problems with the kids staying with the cart (shopping basket). Kids on the autism spectrum do not have a developed concept of “with”. By that I mean, that they do not pay attention to what other people are doing and do not adjust themselves to do things … Read More »

Finding The Items And Putting Them In The Basket

Teach them about where to find the foods and have them take you to the place where the foods are stocked. Teach that the fresh fruit and vegetables are in a special section. Teach where the cold foods are kept etc. Use this as an opportunity to teach new words … Read More »

Paying For The Items And Budgeting

It is increasingly common to pay for things electronically. However, you still want the children to know about money, and what it all means. So practice counting money at home. Have the child make a small purchase using their own money. For the older ones, teach them about budget, and … Read More »

Putting The Purchases In Their Proper Place At Home

Do you get to plop down in front of the TV when the shopping is done? Teach the child that when you come back from shopping, all the food has to be put away. Use schedules if necessary to instill this very important habit.

Teaching To Use Indoor Voice (Quiet Tones) Indoors

If you find that your grandchild has a problem modulating their voice, or engages in squealing or other noises in public places. Teach the child the difference between indoor voice and outdoor voice. Make sure to correct them each time, by saying: “Johnny, use your quiet voice inside”. If there … Read More »