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Teaching Life Skills – An Introduction

All of the following information in black fonts was prepared for grandparents by Alexandra J. Rogers, Ph.D., a member of GAN. Grandma Sandy is a licensed clinical psychologist in Orange County, California. In addition to professionally helping grandparents and parents understand how their children with autism think and how to … Read More »

Teaching Life Skills – Motivation & Cooperation

Schedules seem to be the best way to keep motivation and cooperation throughout the day. Kids on the spectrum learn sequentially, and retain information sequentially and love to stick to schedules of their own making. They also love to watch the same movies over and over again much later in … Read More »

What kinds of life skills can grandparents teach? Part 1

Grandparents can teach self-care, housekeeping, traffic safety and essentials in interacting with the community. Below is a list of life skills topics. Morning routine – brushing teeth, brushing hair, washing hands Getting dressed independently Potty training Evening routine – brushing teeth, taking bath/ shower/ washing hair Setting the table Clearing … Read More »

Simple Food Preparation And Cooking

If you raise the children to be served, they will grow up with that expectation, and will not learn how to make their own food. They will go into the kitchen and get their favorite foods, such a cookies or crackers, but they will not make dinner. For example, a … Read More »

Feeding And Serving Oneself

Many parents and grandparents put off teaching feeding and serving oneself and pouring milk and drinks because it seems easier – with less mess to clean up. However, if you do not allow the child to do it, they will not develop the necessary hand eye coordination to execute these … Read More »

Cutting Food And Using Utensils To Eat

If left to their own devices, all children will eat with their fingers. Whether you are teaching to eat with a fork or chopsticks, use the same method at home and at grandma’s house. When the child is older, you can teach to cut with a knife. I use the … Read More »

Picking Up Toys, Books

Many kids on the autism spectrum have relatively clean rooms because they do not play with their toys. At times, you will find that your grandchild likes to flick or scatter things. This would be an opportunity to have them clean up. You say: “Time to clean up” and then … Read More »