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Teaching Life Skills

All of the following information in black fonts was prepared for grandparents by Alexandra J. Rogers, Ph.D., a member of GAN. Grandma Sandy is a licensed clinical psychologist in Orange County, California. In addition to professionally helping grandparents and parents understand how their children with autism think and how to … Read More »

Why is it so important for grandparents to help?

Children and adults on the autism spectrum learn differently than others and the learning does not necessarily carry over to other situations and settings. To put it simply, telling our grandchild or demonstrating a behavior once or twice will not necessarily help them learn the behaviors or remember them. This … Read More »

What is required to teach a child with autism?

You will need persistence, patience, some knowledge about their style of learning and how to motivate them. The first segment educates you about how to help your grandchildren learn and retain skills, how to get their attention, and how to best motivate them. The second segment gives examples and tips … Read More »

Things To Remember When Teaching

Kids on the autism spectrum don’t have the capacity to know what you could be thinking. They have no concept of other people’s feelings or thoughts, so it does not occur to them to want to please you by doing something. However, they do want attention from loved adults in … Read More »

Why does it take so many repetitions in different places?

This lack of attention makes teaching anything new a challenge, and requires many repetitions in different environments, in order for the lesson to stick. When you talk to people with autism who have some understanding of how they learn, you may find out that learning is sequential. First this happened, … Read More »

Motivation And Cooperation

Schedules seem to be the best way to keep motivation and cooperation throughout the day. Kids on the spectrum learn sequentially, and retain information sequentially and love to stick to schedules of their own making. They also love to watch the same movies over and over again much later in … Read More »

Videotaping Or Picture Taking As Motivator

I found that videotaping the kids on the cell phone to show mommy and daddy works with kids on the autism spectrum as well as other kids. I typically say, “I’m going to videotape this for mommy and daddy”, and then start the tape while I give instructions and the … Read More »