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Best Holiday Suggestions

Think Ahead and Establish New Traditions Plan how you can meet your family’s needs and set realistic expectations. Forgive yourself if the holiday is not “perfect,” and traditional.  Modify celebrations to accommodate to your family’s needs. You may have to adapt your home, menu, schedule and family traditions in order to make … Read More »

Dr. Erica Holding’s Guide for Happy Holidays

  Dr. Erica R. Holding has a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Dr. Holding provides early diagnosis and ABA therapy for children, parent training and family support. This article is based on her many years of working with families … Read More »

Holiday Gift Resources for Special Kids

Provided by Laura Simmons-Martinez, Technology Project Director Team of Advocates for Special Kids,   AblePlay Certified AblePlay is a toy rating system that provides parents, special educators and therapists with comprehensive information about the developmental skills those toys promote. Check out this list of Miniland Toys With Able Play Certification … Read More »

10 Tips to Consider When Buying Toys

Multi-sensory appeal –  Does the toy respond with lights, sounds or movement to engage the child? Are there contrasting colors? Does it have a scent? Is there texture? Method of Activation – Will the toy provide a challenge without frustration? What is the force required to activate? What are the … Read More »