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Holiday Gift Resources for Special Kids

Provided by Laura Simmons-Martinez, Technology Project Director Team of Advocates for Special Kids,   AblePlay This easy to understand toy rating system for children of all abilities from the National Lekotek Center focuses on the developmental areas of physical, sensory, communicative, cognitive, and social/emotional abilities of a child. AblePlay evaluations … Read More »

Gift Ideas for Teens and Adults

Try a free trial membership together at a local gym Locate a new activity to join, e.g. bowling league, laser tag, YMCA or city sponsored group Watch CD’s or movies about a destination you want to visit and plan a trip to go there Give an annual membership to a favorite … Read More »

Dr. Erica Holding’s Guide for Happy Holidays

Dr. Erica R. Holding has a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral level and founder of Avita Nova, which provides early diagnosis and ABA therapy for children and parent training and support. This article is based on her many years of … Read More »

A family affair

At large family gatherings, alert other family members that your grandchild may require extra help or vigilance. They can help to provide a safer environment for everyone. When you plan for holiday entertaining in your home, be kind to yourself.  You may have to adapt your home, menu, schedule and … Read More »

Prepare children for special occasions

Prepare children for new experiences or family celebrations well in advance, by frequently describing the details of the upcoming event. It will relieve anxieties and the children will know what behavior is appropriate for the occasion. You may wish to give your grandchildren cameras and request that they take pictures … Read More »

Think ahead

of time about how you can meet your family’s needs and set realistic expectations.

Establish new traditions

and forgive yourself if the holiday is not “perfect,” stick to your routine and be consistent.  Afterwards, no one will remember what was on the table. They will remember who was at the table and how much they enjoyed being together.