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1. Bring your own treats to swap out the candy in the eggs if it’s a public egg hunt (with items like money or organic fruit snacks or nuts) or host your own egg hunt so you have control over the treats! Check out this list of 50+ Sensory-Friendly Nonfood … Read More »


If you are traveling to spend Spring vacation with your family, you may want to prepare your grandchild, in advance, for your visit. It is helpful to provide a visual schedule of activities before you arrive so your grandchild can anticipate the sequence of events you will share. Use drawings, … Read More »

Holiday Fun for Kids With Autism

Holidays can be challenging for children with autism AND family members when normal schedules and routines are disrupted. Being prepared with holiday activities that will keep them stay focused and engaged can be a big help! Here is a list of some fun activities and apps: Google Santa Tracker is … Read More »

Finding the Right Toys for Kids with Autism


Easter Tips

  Go Beyond the Chocolate For Easter baskets think about replacing candy with other items or having a mix of candy and non-candy items like stickers, balloons, squish balls, blueberries, organic fruit snacks, or money! Practice Ahead of Time If you are going to participate in any traditional activities like … Read More »

Finding the right Toys for Kids with Autism

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Gift Giving Tips and Gift Suggestions

Gift Giving Tips Shop by catalog or online with children so they can help to select and anticipate what gifts they will receive. Consider giving gifts one at a time, before and after the holiday, when there is less noise, fewer distractions and more time for the child to focus … Read More »