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Software for Speech Impaired People

APP2Speak is an inexpensive Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) software application, developed by an experienced Speech Language Pathologist, that enables speech-impaired individuals to communicate more effectively. It is designed and created for the thousands of individuals who experience speech impairment as a result of a stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, … Read More »


If you are traveling to spend Spring vacation with your family, you may want to prepare your grandchild, in advance, for your visit. It is helpful to provide a visual schedule of activities before you arrive so your grandchild can anticipate the sequence of events you will share. Use drawings, … Read More »

Great Apps for Summer

A great app from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders. Camp Discovery is broken into assessment, learning trials and mini-games that serve as a reward. The app also tracks your child’s progress and allows the parent to personalize the experience. Find out more here.    Endless Reader   Endless … Read More »

Great Apps

CDC Introduces Developmental Milestone Tracker App   Grandparents are frequently concerned about their grandchildren’s development – and how they might detect delays in milestones.   Centers For Disease Control And Prevention has released a free app designed to help parents understand when their kids should be hitting developmental benchmarks. It includes checklists … Read More »