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Grandparents are Great Resources for Sibling Support

Because children with autism require more attention, therapies and support, the needs of their brothers and sisters are frequently overlooked.  Siblings share many of the same concerns their parents have regarding social isolation, the need for information and they worry about the caregiving expectations their parents have for them in … Read More »

A Future With No Limits

You already know that grandparents are passionate about wanting the best programs and services for their families. But… there are many things you can do everyday to advocate for families … when you’re at home – and out in the community… When you’re at Home: • Go online to become … Read More »

Make Autism Awareness Month Every Month

Every April people around the world raise awareness about autism. Global landmarks, businesses and homeowners are encouraged to light up their properties in blue and some people wear blue clothing to show their support for autism.  April may be designated to inform the public about autism but our families cope … Read More »

How Can Grandparents Meet Others, Start a Support Group and Increase Advocacy for Autism?

I receive inquiries every week from grandparents residing in other states and countries about how to establish a chapter of GAN in their local community.  GAN serves the 34 cities that comprise Orange County, California. Our two websites,  and  provide resources to people from more than 80 countries. … Read More »

Why the Grandparent Autism Network Was Founded

I am frequently asked why I founded the Grandparent Autism Network. Frankly, it was in response to my personal experience and my desire to help my family. As we know, the statistics are compelling. Autism is epidemic. A new case of autism is diagnosed nearly every 20 minutes in our … Read More »