How to Volunteer

Our network is growing and we are proud that we are an all volunteer non-profit organization. Please participate in our efforts to increase understanding, advocacy and social opportunities for grandparents and grandchildren.

If you click on the blue links below, you will receive more information about how you can help in these areas.

Education Help us facilitate programs to increase understanding about autism and the medical, educational, legal and social issues that impact families.
Advocacy Increase awareness and support for autism through educational outreach to schools, the community and/or government. Identify autism resources and encourage job opportunities.
Grandparent Social Events Assist with events and put “fun” into our GAN fundraising efforts which benefit worthwhile autism causes.
Activities with Grandchildren Plan and participate in activities and group entertainment to share with our grandchildren.
Grants and Foundations Identify and help us access funding sources to increase support for our GAN programs.
Community Outreach Research potential resources, contact organizations for grandparent referrals and increase GAN’s visibility and Visibility and support within our community.
Public Relations Assist in preparing and distributing brochures, flyers, press releases and articles. Identifying and accessing potential press resources.
Site Leaders Provide refreshments for the meetings you select. Help to identify cost-free meeting sites throughout Orange County.
Communications Assist with mail or telephone contact to keep our GAN members informed.
Website Assist in monitoring and updating our GAN website and assess needs.